10 Reasons Why Your Crowd and Venue Will Love Flyboost | Flyboost

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Dec 19, '14

Flyboost is an amazing tool that amplifies the power of a traditional DJ coupled with an interactive atmosphere that only social media can bring. As a DJ, venue owner or manager, we came up with ten reasons why your crowd and business will love Flyboost!

1) True Interaction

With Flyboost, your crowd will experience true interaction with your venue, DJ, and other patrons throughout the crowd. 99% of people who enter a venue bring their mobile devices with the intention of using them. Flyboost gives patrons a way to document their experience on any number of screens that Flyboost runs on. The interaction patrons can potentially experience gives them a sense of control and fun that other venues have no ability to offer.

2) You’re Famous on Flyboost

Lets face it, nine times out of ten people in the crowd would love to be part of the entertainment. Similar to being invited up on stage to sing with your favorite band, Flyboost gives customers a way to further promote themselves in front of a live audience. Being noticed in a crowded venue is something people definitely want the ability to do.

3) Finding New Ways to “Break the Ice”

Flyboost offers people a new way to meet a potential interest from across the room. From the most charismatic patron, to the shy one who is trying to be more engaging, your customers will find new and creative ways to break the ice. Your patrons can go up to someone and talk about how they liked their boost. Your customers could even try to spark up a conversation on the screen itself. Flyboost is most definitely a conversation starter and the possibilities are endless!

4) Crowds Will Stick Around Longer

With so many people sending their social media messages up to the screen there is a possibility patrons might miss seeing their boost. With a revolving door of boosts that are being displayed, people will want to stick around to make sure they saw their own boost posted up on the big screen. Once a patron sees their boosted message once they’ll want to see it again, and again!

5) Know Your Audience

Want to build a strong relationship with your customers and audience? Flyboost makes it incredibly easy to do so! Any DJ or establishment can follow and interact with patrons boosting messages in a live setting or the next day, and even gauge how their experience was.

You want to be on your customers radar maps so they keep coming back. Even an authentic “thanks for coming out” response the next day to active boosters could go a long way to retain your clientele. Making your audience feel special and letting them know their presence is appreciated goes a long way. Let Flyboost create brand loyalty opportunities!

6) Have and Maintain the Upper Hand With Respect to Competition

Imagine that you are one of few, if not the only spot in town running Flyboost. You have something that your competitors don’t have! People will want to keep coming back for all the reasons listed above, below, and more! Every business needs something special to separate themselves from the rest. Flyboost is here to give both DJs and venues a competitive advantage.

7) Promotional Contests

Using Flyboost, you will have the ability to advertise incentives to your patrons. Why not run promotional contests to increase the number of boosts and fun? For example, the Flyboost team recently ran a “Selfie Contest” that kept people in the venue for extended periods, and helped increase sales for the establishment. You can use your imagination for any number of promotional deals or contests. Your audience will love it because it’s fun!

8) Outside Viewership

As we like to say, the bleed is real! Potential customers that you’re looking to acquire will view their friends social feeds to see all the hype that’s happening. Whether through Instagram, Twitter, or people that link those social networks to post on their Facebook page, the more boosts posted by the audience, the more others (friends of your patrons!) on the Internet will take notice. The result: highly targeted advertising with social proof.

9) Hashtag History

What does everyone want to do the morning after? They want to recap their night! People will be able to go onto their social networks and review your venues hashtag history from the night before. They will be able to share the experiences with others, and even interact with people they may have met the night before. Flyboost gives your DJ or establishment the ability to connect with people in ways other places wont be able to.

10) Flyboost Will Get the Party Started, and Keep it Going

Everyone wants to be part of the party. When someone walks by a crowded establishment, their inclination is to go in and see what the crowd is about. Flyboost will start the party for you. It gets people engaging with each other, and provides a public platform from which to speak.

Not only does Flyboost provide the spark, but it will continue to put wood on the fire and keep people entertained until the ever dreadful closing time.

Want to be the best spot in town? Flyboost can help make that happen. Whether you’re a successful DJ or venue, or the new kids on the block, Flyboost’s indispensable value provides an experience your customers will love and tell all of their friends (via social networks!) about.