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Our Story

Every great business has a story to tell, right? For years, Founder & CEO Nick Cuttonaro always had the vision to leverage social media to help people make better decisions through using real-time data.

Prior to creating Flyboost, Cuttonaro invested 2.5 years creating Datadio, a real-time social media platform. Operating with the power and complexity of Google was the goal.

Wedding Day Failure

Nick and his fiancĂ© Rose hired a DJ to hold down the 1’s and 2’s at their wedding on September 6th 2014. As an Internet geek at heart, the DJ offered Nick a live Twitter feed as an upsell to make the wedding reception even more engaging. Of course, Nick was sold.

Nick and Rose spared no expense when it came to going big at their wedding to create an authentic nightclub vibe, complete with champagne sparklers and VIP bottle service.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Nick was looking forward to running the live Twitter feed at the wedding. He told all the guests about it and was encouraging everyone to use the official wedding hashtag.

There was only one hiccup at the wedding – the live Twitter feed didn’t work. Furious, Cuttonaro confronted the wedding DJ to understand why there were technical difficulties.

Long story short, there was no live Twitter feed at the wedding.

Successful Startups Sometimes Need To Pivot

Refreshed and recharged after a 2-week honeymoon, Cuttonaro discussed with his team how they’d address the wedding glitch. After chatting, it was decided; they must create a reliable solution of their own so no DJ, client, venue, or guest would ever experience that type of technical difficulty again.

The team pivoted with respect to the software they spent the past 2.5 years creating and transitioned quickly. Together, Cuttonaro and his team, had a new purpose and Flyboost was born.

Mission Statement

We started this business to solve our own challenges because a reliable solution like Flyboost didn’t exist and other professionals were in the same boat and desperate for help.

Flyboost is committed to continuous innovation, providing world-class customer support, and delivering tremendous value. We’re here to change the world for the better.

If you haven’t heard of Flyboost, you will. We’re building something big here. Cheers!