Digital Signage | Flyboost

Digital Signage

Create brilliant digital signage displays charged with the power of real-time social media.

Displaying Flyboost on any screen provides a fun and interactive way to showcase your brand, instantly interact with customers and engaged prospects, and retain valuable consumer data.

Automate Social Media Marketing Efforts

Using Flyboost to spice-up your existing digital signage benefits a variety of applications such as:

– Auto Dealerships
– Gyms & Fitness Centers
– Office Environments
– Public Directories
– Waiting Areas
– Airports
– Theaters
– Venues
– Museums
– Malls & Shopping Centers
– Emergency Messaging
– Resorts & Casinos
– Stadiums & Arenas
– Digital Menu Boards
– Display Advertising

Display Visuals People Want To See

Social proof validates the purpose of today’s brands as purchasing decisions are resulting from social recommendations. Authority and attention are now commodities controlled by social influence.

Whether you’re posting or scanning updates, the notion to always stay connected is stronger than ever, especially for younger demographics. Smart brands capitalize on this and so should you.