Hospitality | Flyboost


Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, bar, nightclub, or any other type of establishment within the hospitality and service industry, people will be using social media within your confines.

Flyboost was made exactly for fast-paced and fun industries, because it provides the ability to interact with your audience, and gives your audience a unique platform to speak from.

Spread The Word

Boosting pictures and fun messages from a patron’s social media account to the big screen will ignite targeted promotion, putting your brand all over various social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, increasing interest, awareness, and potential business at your location.

Analyze Your Customers & Competition

Using Flyboost’s Intelligence feature set, you can gather valuable information on what’s being said on social media within your establishment for all users who have location-based services enabled, understand what’s working or not working for local competitors, as well as follow or interact with future guests who fit your ideal customer profile.

Retain Customers and Bring New Faces In The Door

Interacting through Flyboost is fun and makes people feel like they have a voice in the conversation with live social displays. You’ll be known for a unique and interactive experience, and soon to be customers will want to come and see what all the noise on social media is about!