Sales & Prospecting | Flyboost

Sales & Prospecting

Your have potential clients, customers, and guests contained in real-time information collected by Flyboost.

You set the targeting parameters, Flyboost does the rest.

Connecting With The Right Audience

With automated tracking of hashtag-based feeds, mentions, and live location-based monitoring, you now can easily find prospects to connect with on Twitter and Instagram.

Whether prospects are looking for answers or frustrated with a competitor, the faster you can take advantage of these opportunities by sharing a solution, the more successful you will be.

Remain Ten Steps Ahead Of The Competition

Keep an eye on competitor locations or see if new competitors are popping up around your location.

Track their hashtags, brand mentions, and who their most influential supporters are.

Convince, convert, and make their influencers your own.

Centralize Social Media Marketing Efforts

Saves time managing all your social media accounts. Find it annoying to keep logging into different social profiles? Always forgetting your Instagram password?

Centralize your social media marketing efforts using a single platform where you can respond from multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts authenticated for use.