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May 14, '15

We’re really excited to announce the release of our newest feature, a full-screen web browser display skin! Flyboost is no longer dependent on MixEmergency, or even running on a Mac for that matter! Now you can easily run Flyboost on ANY computer, laptop, or tablet – essentially any device that has a web browser!

Inside of any event, once you click on the “Generate Live Feed” button, simply click on the white “Web Display” button. This will display our web-based full-screen skin.

Note: In order to open the Web Display in a new window, simply right-click the web display button and select “Open Link In New Window.” Then you can drag that window over to your secondary output display just like you usually do with ME’s output window. Then, just set your browser to fullscreen (Google Chrome’s Presentation Mode is PERFECT)!

Also, the link that is generated for the web version is an intelligent link, so there are a few settings that can be adjusted within the url.

For example, the end of the url will look something like this:


Interval is the amount of time in seconds that each boost is displayed. The default is 12, but you can change this number to correspond to any time interval that you would like!

Order corresponds to the direction that boosts are cycled through and defaults to ASC (meaning ascending). Essentially, boosts will be displayed from the bottom of the event up to the top in ascending order (from oldest to newest). If you’d like to change this to descending order (from newest to oldest), simply change ASC to DESC and press Enter.

One more setting that you can add into the link is the count. By adding count=x at the end of the link, you are limiting how many boosts can be displayed. This is a GREAT feature for those who receive lots of boosts each night. When someone boosts, they will expect to see their boost appear on the screen rather quickly – but if you have 50 boosts in your event, this could take a while. By limiting the number of boosts to say 20, this will insure that only the newest 20 boosts are displayed on a rolling basis. Sure, you can certainly achieve this same result by manually quarantining the older boosts, but this count setting makes the process fully automated! To achieve this result, the end of the url should look like this:


Just be sure to put an ampersand “&” after DESC and before count. You can change the count setting to whatever number you’d like.

Update Number Two:

Our analytics platform is now live! By clicking the “analyze” button for any event you’re tracking you can now get your hands on some really powerful data with the click of a mouse.

Find out who the most influential person is in your audience, learn who is the most likely to interact on social media and most important understand how much social reach you’re creating on Twitter + Instagram.

Why is this feature important? It will make you money.

Money isn’t the root of all evil. Data is. Why? Because data tells you where the money lies!! : )

Use this feature to instantly engage with powerful people in your audience to grow your following or promote your gig / venue.

Use the data to show your venue how much value you’re creating them by showing them your stats. Numbers don’t lie!! Get money, get paid.

Update Number There:

Notifications – This GENIUS feature was requested by Jeremy Carpenter (PopRoXxX) and has also recently rolled live.

For those running + moderating Flyboost on their laptops, this is a game changer because you can minimize your browser and still know when new boosts are coming in.

Why is the feature important? It will save you time because you no longer have to constantly check to see if new boosts are coming in and it will keep you more focused on doing what you do best, rocking a room with audio and visuals.

Enable Notification Updates here:

If you have any questions about these updates, let us know. Our team is always here to help!