Live Social Media Displays | Flyboost

Live Social Media Displays

Display live Twitter and Instagram feeds on any screen while having complete control of your content.

Overlay feeds above video or image-based content, or easier, use our full-screen web browser display.

How Does The Display Technology Work?

Flyboost displays live social feeds in two unique and easy ways:

1) Full-screen web display compatible with any browser or operating system.

2) Through MixEmergency, one of the most powerful media players in the world.

Our interface allows you to enter your own custom hashtags to track. Immediately, Flyboost begins scanning Twitter and Instagram for that hashtag, or mentions, if you prefer.

When new social content is located, Flyboost grabs it as a “boost,” which is then displayed through MixEmergency via a Quartz file (.qtz) or depending on your preference, our full-screen web display.

First time using Flyboost on your own? Use this guide to get started.

MixEmergency Tech Requirements

– Apple computer (Macbook, Mac mini, Macbook Air, iMac) with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later

– MixEmergency

– Reliable high-speed Internet connection.

– Graphics Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB or higher strongly suggested)

– 8 GB of RAM or more

Full-Screen Web Browser Display

Don’t feel like running MixEmergency or not familiar with the program?

With this feature you no longer need to source multimedia content to engage your audience.

Our web-display is PC and Mac friendly. For tech requirements, you just need Internet and a browser.

Fire it up with this example here:

Use Google Chromecast for displaying live social feeds to any screen with an HDMI input, wirelessly.

Customize Your Live Display

We have thousands of Quartz files that can be downloaded from our Template Creation Engine for added customization of live social displays. Choose the style, orientation, colors, etc. to your liking.

Control Content From Any Device

1. Access our user interface to manage social content from any browser, tablet, or mobile device.

2. Utilize the robust front-end content filter that blocks profanity and inappropriate language.

3. Set custom modes to ensure you always have complete control over what content is displayed.

Going Live With Flyboost

We refer to this as going live to the big screen. You will need an HDMI cable or mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from your computer to connect to an external display, screen, or projector.

If you’re displaying social feeds through MixEmergency over video content, we do not recommend broadcasting over a wireless network.

For those using our web browser display, hardwiring is recommended but broadcasting through Chromecast or Apple TV works great if you have a reliable and high-speed Internet connection.