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Frequently Asked Questions

Functionality (10)

How far back in time does the feed go? Does it just pick up from the moment you create an Event?

Flyboost starts collecting boosts from the moment you create the Event. We do not collect historical boosts containing that hashtag from the past.

If you have an event you want to collect boosts for in advance (a wedding / promotional event would be a great examples) you might want to start tracking that hashtag a week before the party – or however long makes the most sense to impress your client’s and engage party guests.


What is an Event?

An event refers to the client, venue, date, or type of gig you’re working. Groups can contain one Event, or as many as you like.


What does the Modify button do?

The Modify button can be used on either the Groups or Events view.

When clicking the Modify button you have the ability to change the Group name (while on the Group view) or within the Events view you can change the Group name which that particular event is associated with, move the event to another Group, or both.

Be sure to click the Update button below to initiate the change.


Is there away to block annoying people from boosting content?

Yes! When viewing the Events feed you can click the red circle with a line through it in order to permanently block that user from boosting content to the screen.

Most important, if you block a user you’ve blocked them across your entire account so if you’re spinning at another location or working an event in the future, that person will not be able to boost messages to the screen in a live setting.

Pro-Tips: You can always “unblock” any user at anytime too. Maybe it’s one of your friends in the crowd who is trying to push your buttons at a party? You can always unblock them at a later point in time if you choose.

Also, you can block as many users you like and this feature is applicable to both Twitter and Instagram. Any boost which is sent from a blocked user will automatically be placed behind the Quarantined Boosts display tab.


How does the Quarantine All Boosts function work?

Within the user interface in the Content Filtering section we provide a checkbox where if checked the functionality exists to send all boosts to the Quarantined Boosts tab view.

Why would you consider enabling this feature?

You can have complete control of all boosts which make it to the “big screen”. Obviously, this can be helpful for filtering objectionable content but it can also be helpful to enforce a “velvet rope” where only the most fun and entertaining boosts are made visible. This can be handy if there’s a large audience and boosts are being collected at a rate which could be difficult to manage.

Why would you consider disabling this feature?

It may require monitoring throughout your set or event. It might not be time consuming to manage and some users might want to create an “anything goes” environment where people can freely boost content to get the party moving.

It’s important to note that people love seeing their boosts on the big screen as soon as possible. If you’re busy and forget to approve the boosts you may receive less boosts over the course of the event and questions from crowd such as “I posted 20 minutes ago using the hashtag, where is it?”

In a effort to consider all types of parties, venues, management styles, and crowds we’ve created this feature so it can be used at your discretion.


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Sales (18)

Definition of a “BOOST”

A “boost” refers to user generated messages which are collected by Flyboost before, after, or during an event. Currently, boosts refer to Tweets or posts on Instagram.


Why should I give the live social display a try?

Top Reasons Why You Should Give Flyboost A Try

Flyboost is fun for all audiences and adds real value. Here’s how:

1. Create an interactive element. In bar, club, restaurant, or event settings, keeping people engaged will keep them there for a longer period of time. This should, in turn, lead them to spend more money.

2. Encourage people to post on social media, simply because they want to see themselves on TV. You will now have a database of people you can now market to and build your social following. Interested? Here are 10 more reasons why your crowd and venue will absolutely love Flyboost.

3. When someone posts using the hashtag you set, it can be seen by all of their friends and followers. Increase attendance (or awareness) of the venue or any party, promotion, or event.

4. Command higher pay for your party, promotion, or event. Entertainment Pros: Land new gigs by having Flyboost in your arsenal. It’s always a hit at weddings, dances, proms, and Sweet 16’s.

5. It’s super fun! Social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s only becoming more widely used. Tweeting and sending Instgram posts to the big screen like “magic”, is just plain fun for everyone!

We offer a FREE 7-day trial of Flyboost, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and separate yourself from everyone else by giving your crowd something that no one else can…FLYBOOST!


How are hashtag tracked limits defined?

Hashtag tracked limits refer to the amount of active hashtags collecting boosts. Only hashtags which are actively collecting boosts will be counted toward that limit.


How often do you check for new boosts?

We check for boosts every few seconds. Many times we’re able to pull and insert new boosts into your live feed immediately after a user posts new content on Twitter or Instagram.


Does Flyboost have an affiliate program?

No. Flyboost does not currently have an affiliate program.


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Strategy (4)

What’s the best way to monitor the feed in the Flyboost user interface during live events?

We recommend that you DO NOT monitor the feed from the computer used to display the live feed.

While you are certainly welcome to doing that if it’s the only option, we feel most users would rather not put any extra strain on their computer than necessary to avoid any potential hiccups or crashes.

Also, to prevent any user error that might happen while managing the feed it’s best to manage and monitor from another device.

Instead, we built our website and user interface to be mobile-friendly so that you can actually monitor your feed from your phone, tablet, or any device which has a web-browser!

Another great idea came from DJ Jason Cruz who helped us to beta-test Flyboost at Seacrets in Ocean City, MD – he actually monitors his live event feed using an iPad mounted on a stand, and we think his setup looks incredible!

While Jason’s setup is that of a seasoned event professional, monitoring and managing live feeds can be done from anywhere using any device you’re comfortable with that’s connected to the Internet.


Is it possible to customize the Quartz files provided in the Downloads & Extras Section?

Since it can be easy to inadvertently cause functionality issues, we do not recommend attempting to customize our Quartz files.

However, we realize that there will inevitably be a few Quartz Composer “gurus” who will be inclined to create their own modifications to the appearance of our file.

In that case, we welcome your creativity! However, if you break the functionality during any of your editing escapades, simply re-download the original file from our website and try again!


Can I run contests using Flyboost?

Yes. Let your imagination run wild when promoting social-driven contests powered by Flyboost.

We’ve had success running selfie contests as well as ugly sweater contests at parties and events.

As we experiment running different types of contests using Flyboost, we’ll be sure to let you know.

As always, check out our blog for new and exciting updates from Flyboost which often showcase strategies and successful applications of the software.


How can I improve my DJ business and make more money?

There are so many ways you can get creative with Flyboost! We are dedicated to uncovering new ways to use our product to increase your DJ business, increase your value at the venues you’re working at, and set yourself up for future success by leveraging the boosts and data Flyboost is collecting to both understand and promote long-after the final song is played at an event or party.

4 Quick Tips:

1) Flyboost adds more fun to your current DJ offerings. Both users and venues love the added level of engagement by using social media in conjunction with the energy a DJ brings.

2) Know your audience. Both DJ’s and venues can benefit from knowing more about who’s in the room. Following those people who “boosted” messages and keeping in touch can help improve customer loyalty, retention, and the likelihood they’ll come back to see your set or return to the venue at some point in the future.

3) Flyboost messages go viral! Remember, every time a guest at the venue “boosts” a message it is visible to all of their friends and followers on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. A single boost can create a massive impact.

4) Command greater pay from venues or clients. Also you can use Flyboost to land new gigs.

It’s obvious that Flyboost creates massive value and we encourage you to share your tips with the Flyboost community too!


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Support (14)

Does Flyboost currently support Serato Video software?

No. Flyboost does not currently support Serato Video software.

Flyboost is currently compatible with MixEmergency by Inklen and Resolume Avenue.

We recommend MixEmergency for most applications and Resolume for larger venues.


Can I track an unlimited amount of hashtags with Flyboost?

Yes. We offer an unlimited amount of hashtags tracked on our Multi-Platinum plan.


How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

To upgrade or downgrade your Flyboost account, please click the “Upgrade Plan” button within the Billing Information section in the user interface, located in the upper right corner.

After clicking the “Upgrade Plan” button, you will be prompted with the packages that you can select to either upgrade or downgrade your plan. In order to downgrade, your account must satisfy the hashtags tracked and live event feeds requirements necessary to initiate the plan change. Upgrading or downgrading your account will take effect after payment is processed.


Can I change or rename Groups or Events?

Yes. To initiate that change, please click the “Modify” button which is visible within the user interface to the right of the date created column.


What does the Live Feed indicator mean?

See here:

With reference to the screenshot above, this applies to the green check mark indicating a live feed is enabled.

What does this mean?

A private URL has been generated so that you can display boosts at your venue which have been collected.


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Troubleshooting (4)

How do I get the main output window of MixEmergency onto an external monitor or TV?

Ah yes – we commonly refer to this as “the big screen.”

Most VJs will already know how to do this, but if you are a DJ making the leap into video, this is probably the most common question that we hear.

If you’re not an entertainment professional but still want to overlay our social feed above video content, this guide should be helpful if you’re new to MixEmergency, the media play we recommend.

Get The Party Started In Four Easy Steps

1) First, you’ll need to determine how you are going to make the connection between the computer and the TV. We recommend using HDMI, since it will provide the highest signal quality and resolution.

If your computer has an HDMI output, it’s simple – just connect an HDMI cable between your computer and the TV. If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI output, it most likely will have a mini DisplayPort. In this case, you’ll just need a mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

Sidenote: We highly recommend for all cables/adapters!

2) Once you’ve made the cable connection, you’ll need to ultilize Apple’s secondary monitor feature on your computer. To do so, go to System Preferences > Displays (under Hardware).

3) Be sure to un-check the “Mirror Displays” option, and note which side the secondary output video is on. Then, simply drag the output window of ME off of your desktop screen in that direction.

4) Finally, click the “X” button to the right in ME in order to make it go full screen (or you can just use the shortcut, which is Command-F).


I followed Instructions for downloading the Quartz and XML files, but when loading them into MixEmergency, nothing happens. Why?

Assuming you placed the Quartz file and the Event’s XML file onto your desktop (or another location, just as long as the Quartz and XML files are located within the same folder), dragged the Quartz file into MixEmergency, and toggled the switch in the Quartz Composition section of MixEmergency to ON, this is likely happening because there haven’t been any boosts collected yet in the Event.

The Flyboost overlay will only be visible if there is at least (1) boost collected for the Event containing the designated hashtag which you are tracking. If the Event has not yet collected any boosts, the Flyboost overlay will not appear.

We recommend users themselves make at least (1) initial boost prior to “going live” on a big screen – this is also a good practice for testing purposes to make sure that the hashtag has been setup properly and that the Event is tracking that hashtag correctly.

Pro Tip: Do not drag a Quartz file into MixEmergency when there is already a Quartz file loaded. First, always be sure to delete the Quartz file currently loaded in MixEmergency by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete. Only drag the Quartz file into MixEmergency when you can see “Drop Q.C.” in the square in the Quartz Composition section. Dropping a Quartz file on top of another Quartz file already loaded in ME may cause issues, such as the Flyboost overlay not being displayed.


I made a change to a Quartz file, loaded back into MixEmergency and don’t see changes. Why?

This is a weird quirk with MixEmergency. If you notice that your changes are not in effect, simply try re-naming the actual Quartz file (i.e. change the filename from Flyboost-1.qtz to Flyboost-2.qtz).

Then, re-load the renamed Quartz file back into MixEmergency and the changes should take effect.


MixEmergency is crashing whenever I run Flyboost. Is Flyboost causing it to crash?

We have noticed that whenever MixEmergency crashes while running Flyboost, it’s always related to the Internet connection/speed.

We strongly recommend having reliable, high-speed Internet connection whenever running Flyboost. Slower connections can also cause photos/avatars to hang or load slowly onto the screen.


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