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Frequently Asked Questions


How far back in time does the feed go? Does it just pick up from the moment you create an Event?

Flyboost starts collecting boosts from the moment you create the Event. We do not collect historical boosts containing that hashtag from the past.

If you have an event you want to collect boosts for in advance (a wedding / promotional event would be a great examples) you might want to start tracking that hashtag a week before the party – or however long makes the most sense to impress your client’s and engage party guests.


What is an Event?

An event refers to the client, venue, date, or type of gig you’re working. Groups can contain one Event, or as many as you like.


What does the Modify button do?

The Modify button can be used on either the Groups or Events view.

When clicking the Modify button you have the ability to change the Group name (while on the Group view) or within the Events view you can change the Group name which that particular event is associated with, move the event to another Group, or both.

Be sure to click the Update button below to initiate the change.


Is there away to block annoying people from boosting content?

Yes! When viewing the Events feed you can click the red circle with a line through it in order to permanently block that user from boosting content to the screen.

Most important, if you block a user you’ve blocked them across your entire account so if you’re spinning at another location or working an event in the future, that person will not be able to boost messages to the screen in a live setting.

Pro-Tips: You can always “unblock” any user at anytime too. Maybe it’s one of your friends in the crowd who is trying to push your buttons at a party? You can always unblock them at a later point in time if you choose.

Also, you can block as many users you like and this feature is applicable to both Twitter and Instagram. Any boost which is sent from a blocked user will automatically be placed behind the Quarantined Boosts display tab.


How does the Quarantine All Boosts function work?

Within the user interface in the Content Filtering section we provide a checkbox where if checked the functionality exists to send all boosts to the Quarantined Boosts tab view.

Why would you consider enabling this feature?

You can have complete control of all boosts which make it to the “big screen”. Obviously, this can be helpful for filtering objectionable content but it can also be helpful to enforce a “velvet rope” where only the most fun and entertaining boosts are made visible. This can be handy if there’s a large audience and boosts are being collected at a rate which could be difficult to manage.

Why would you consider disabling this feature?

It may require monitoring throughout your set or event. It might not be time consuming to manage and some users might want to create an “anything goes” environment where people can freely boost content to get the party moving.

It’s important to note that people love seeing their boosts on the big screen as soon as possible. If you’re busy and forget to approve the boosts you may receive less boosts over the course of the event and questions from crowd such as “I posted 20 minutes ago using the hashtag, where is it?”

In a effort to consider all types of parties, venues, management styles, and crowds we’ve created this feature so it can be used at your discretion.


What if people in the crowd boost objectionable content to live displays at my venue?

We get this question often and it’s something to be conscious of.

At some point in time if you’re using Flyboost in a public setting at a bar, club, restaurant, event, etc. or anywhere alcohol is served you’ll have an experience with a knucklehead in the crowd who feels the need to boost content containing objectionable words, inappropriate phrases, curses, etc.

If you’re sensitive and cautious about having this content visible at your venue we’ve curated a “Bad Words List” which can be enabled within the user interface found in the Content Filtering view. If you’re looking for a laugh, give it a read!

We’re also aware there’s no way we can proactively stay on top of all slang phrases and innuendos in an effort to keep our “Bad Words List” growing. To account for this we’ve allowed users to add their own words or phrases to reject as well which can be enabled by clicking the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.

Pro-tips: You may not always want to censor the content using the “Bad Words List” as people may use words within their boosts which are contained on that list that are harmless with respect to the intent of the boost.

Example: A song request for would be blocked and quarantined if the “Bad Words List” was enabled.

It’s also important to note that most venues where Flyboost would be used are 21+ so the likelihood of impacting children negatively is slim to none.

Last – You can always manually approve the boost even if it’s quarantined. Going back to the example of the Juvenile song request described above, if that boost was filtered with the “Bad Words List” enabled it would still be found within the Quarantined Boosts tab found on the events feed view. If the content of the boost is innocent and wouldn’t put you in hot water or change the vibe of the crowd for the worse, approve it!


Is there filtering for boosts which contain objectionable images?

If you’re concerned about your audience boosting content to the big screen containing objectionable images be sure to enable the “Quarantine All Boosts” function by checking the box on the Content Filtering page within the user interface and clicking the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.

Unfortunately, we do not have the technology to detect and filter objectionable images which someone in the crowd may wish to boost to the big screen, but the “Quarantine All Boosts” functionality we do provide should address any concerns you may have in this department.


What do the “Live Event Feed” limits represent?

It represents the number of concurrent Live Event Feeds that can be generated to display different live social feeds on a TV or projector at a party, event, nightclub, digital signage application, etc.


Does Flyboost collect Instagram boosts containing my hashtag within comments?

No. The only boosts (social interactions) Flyboost collects from Instagram are posts which contain the designated hashtag within the original caption posted by an Instagram user.

However, if the original poster uses the hashtag in the comments, Flyboost will then grab that boost.

This is not the case if a different user uses the hashtag in the comments – Flyboost will only grab the boost if the hashtag is used in the comments section by the original poster.

Also, it’s important to note that you must be actively tracking that hashtag within the Flyboost user interface in order to collect boosts containing the designated hashtag.


What exactly is a “Group”?

Users have the ability to organize their user interface however they like. Most users classify a Group as by venue name, client, type of event, (i.e. Private Parties, Corporate Events, etc.) location, date, DJ name, (if you have a large staff) etc.

We designed the Flyboost interface to be flexible and accommodating for all users so there’s freedom to organize, name, and rename groups and events however you like.