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Frequently Asked Questions


Definition of a “BOOST”

A “boost” refers to user generated messages which are collected by Flyboost before, after, or during an event. Currently, boosts refer to Tweets or posts on Instagram.


Why should I give the live social display a try?

Top Reasons Why You Should Give Flyboost A Try

Flyboost is fun for all audiences and adds real value. Here’s how:

1. Create an interactive element. In bar, club, restaurant, or event settings, keeping people engaged will keep them there for a longer period of time. This should, in turn, lead them to spend more money.

2. Encourage people to post on social media, simply because they want to see themselves on TV. You will now have a database of people you can now market to and build your social following. Interested? Here are 10 more reasons why your crowd and venue will absolutely love Flyboost.

3. When someone posts using the hashtag you set, it can be seen by all of their friends and followers. Increase attendance (or awareness) of the venue or any party, promotion, or event.

4. Command higher pay for your party, promotion, or event. Entertainment Pros: Land new gigs by having Flyboost in your arsenal. It’s always a hit at weddings, dances, proms, and Sweet 16’s.

5. It’s super fun! Social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s only becoming more widely used. Tweeting and sending Instgram posts to the big screen like “magic”, is just plain fun for everyone!

We offer a FREE 7-day trial of Flyboost, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and separate yourself from everyone else by giving your crowd something that no one else can…FLYBOOST!


How are hashtag tracked limits defined?

Hashtag tracked limits refer to the amount of active hashtags collecting boosts. Only hashtags which are actively collecting boosts will be counted toward that limit.


How often do you check for new boosts?

We check for boosts every few seconds. Many times we’re able to pull and insert new boosts into your live feed immediately after a user posts new content on Twitter or Instagram.


Does Flyboost have an affiliate program?

No. Flyboost does not currently have an affiliate program.


Does tracking the same hashtag within different Groups or Events count toward my hashtags tracked limit?

No. If you are tracking the same hashtag in multiple Groups or Events that hashtag will only be counted as (1) hashtag tracked toward your package limit. We realize that our clients use Flyboost for tracking multiple and often identical hashtags should venues, events, parties, or gigs remain consistent. Tracking the same hashtag in multiple instances whether active or inactive is essentially unlimited and will not count toward your packages hashtag tracked limit for each time it is entered.


How are hashtags tracked limits defined?

Hashtags tracked refer to the amount of hashtags which are actively collecting boosts. Only the amount of concurrent hashtags tracked which are actively collecting boosts will count toward your plan limits.


I don’t see it within the user interface, but do you have this feature?

If you have a question if we support something that you can’t find on our website or within the user interface, feel free to reach out to our team at and we’ll be happy to help!


Is there a limit to the number of boosts I can collect?

The short answer is No. We encourage DJs and entertainment professionals to promote the use of Flyboost at parties, events, live promotions, etc. We’re all about creating fun, exciting, and memorable experiences!

However, if you’re looking to track a hashtag and collect boosts for a hashtag term which is not associated with a party, event, or live promotion the answer would be Yes. Flyboost is not a platform which is designed to collect boosts at high rates of volume for hashtag terms which are not associated with a live event or experience.


Does Flyboost work with different languages other than English?

Yes. We can track hashtags and collect boosts in all languages.

We take great pride in supporting our International clients. Cheers!


What if people in the crowd boost objectionable content to live displays at my venue?

We get this question often and it’s something to be conscious of.

At some point in time if you’re using Flyboost in a public setting at a bar, club, restaurant, event, etc. or anywhere alcohol is served you’ll have an experience with a knucklehead in the crowd who feels the need to boost content containing objectionable words, inappropriate phrases, curses, etc.

If you’re sensitive and cautious about having this content visible at your venue we’ve curated a “Bad Words List” which can be enabled within the user interface found in the Content Filtering view. If you’re looking for a laugh, give it a read!

We’re also aware there’s no way we can proactively stay on top of all slang phrases and innuendos in an effort to keep our “Bad Words List” growing. To account for this we’ve allowed users to add their own words or phrases to reject as well which can be enabled by clicking the “Update” button at the bottom of the screen.

Pro-tips: You may not always want to censor the content using the “Bad Words List” as people may use words within their boosts which are contained on that list that are harmless with respect to the intent of the boost.

Example: A song request for would be blocked and quarantined if the “Bad Words List” was enabled.

It’s also important to note that most venues where Flyboost would be used are 21+ so the likelihood of impacting children negatively is slim to none.

Last – You can always manually approve the boost even if it’s quarantined. Going back to the example of the Juvenile song request described above, if that boost was filtered with the “Bad Words List” enabled it would still be found within the Quarantined Boosts tab found on the events feed view. If the content of the boost is innocent and wouldn’t put you in hot water or change the vibe of the crowd for the worse, approve it!


Can I cancel my Flyboost account anytime?

Yes. For all plans with the exception of Commercial Licenses, users may cancel their Flyboost account anytime and for whatever reason.

Billing is month-to-month and there is no longterm commitment or contract associated with our software for all plans featured on our Pricing Page where the monthly pricing is displayed publicly.

How can you cancel your account?

Within the user interface on the Billing Information page you can cancel your account by clicking the large red button which says “Cancel Account”.

Please Note: As described above, billing is month-to-month. We do not offer billing for partial months, refunds, credits for non-use, or any type of “rollover” feature, etc.


How does the 7-day free trial work?

We offer Flyboost free of charge for the first (7) days after creating your account on all publicly available plans with the exception of Commercial Licenses.

If you do not cancel your free trial of Flyboost you will be charged the monthly plan price in exactly (7) days after creating your account.


I have questions about Flyboost. Can I chat with someone who can help me?

Of course! Helping and answering questions is something we do every day.

We offer live chat so you can connect with one of our team members right from our website.

To initiate live chat, click on button in the lower left of your screen and follow the prompts from there. Also, feel free to send us a message by email as well and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Does My Business Need A Commercial License?

It really depends on your business needs and the type of business that Flyboost would be supporting.

In the event you own, operate, or manage a venue a Commercial License would be better suited for your needs. This would also extend to hospitality, entertainment companies, and any type of custom application using our Flyboost technology.

For big brands, multi-location monitoring, advertising agencies, digital signage companies, and advanced features utilizing our Intelligence features a Commercial License is a must.

If you still have questions about which pricing plan is right for you, feel free to initiate a live chat with our team or send us a message here.


Can I upgrade my plan when my business grows?

You can easily upgrade your account at anytime within the user interface on the “Billing Information” page with a few clicks and without any interruption of service or loss of historical data.


Flyboost seems awesome! Who else is running it?

Flyboost is a software as a service that launched to the public in February of 2015.

We ran a closed beta test included the following (6) venues and establishments.

1) Broadneck Grill and Cantina in Cape St. Claire, MD.
2) Union Jacks in Columbia, MD.
3) Luckie’s Tavern located in Baltimore, MD. (PowerPlant Live!)
4) Seacrets – Ocean City, MD.
5) Vinyl – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas
6) Mojo’s Norwich – Norfolk, United Kingdom

As we gain traction in the market, we would be happy to feature and showcase any event, establishment, or venue who is happy with our product and proud to be a member of #TeamFlyboost!

Edit: As of July of 2015, Flyboost is currently working with hundreds of businesses around the world providing location-based discovery, social media management, and powering live social displays.


Is Flyboost powerful enough to handle large crowds, venues, and events?

Absolutely! We beta tested Flyboost at Seacrets in Ocean City, MD as a “stress test” along with these other venues and establishments and passed with flying colors. Flyboost was built with scalability in mind to support applications of Flyboost run at large venues with special needs and requirements.

In the event you’re not familiar with Seacrets, it’s ranked #17 on the highest grossing nightclubs in America so that should give you a better idea of the power behind our technology with respect to meeting the demands of one of the largest and most prominent nightclubs in the USA.

Flyboost is currently running in hundreds of establishments around the world and powered live social feeds at the following events:

Spring Fest 2015 – Rich Homie Quan Concert
Electric Daisy Carnival – Mexico 2015
Mojo’s Norwich – United Kingdom
Vinyl – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

The examples above are onlu a handful of places currently powering live displays using Flyboost.