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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best way to monitor the feed in the Flyboost user interface during live events?

We recommend that you DO NOT monitor the feed from the computer used to display the live feed.

While you are certainly welcome to doing that if it’s the only option, we feel most users would rather not put any extra strain on their computer than necessary to avoid any potential hiccups or crashes.

Also, to prevent any user error that might happen while managing the feed it’s best to manage and monitor from another device.

Instead, we built our website and user interface to be mobile-friendly so that you can actually monitor your feed from your phone, tablet, or any device which has a web-browser!

Another great idea came from DJ Jason Cruz who helped us to beta-test Flyboost at Seacrets in Ocean City, MD – he actually monitors his live event feed using an iPad mounted on a stand, and we think his setup looks incredible!

While Jason’s setup is that of a seasoned event professional, monitoring and managing live feeds can be done from anywhere using any device you’re comfortable with that’s connected to the Internet.


Is it possible to customize the Quartz files provided in the Downloads & Extras Section?

Since it can be easy to inadvertently cause functionality issues, we do not recommend attempting to customize our Quartz files.

However, we realize that there will inevitably be a few Quartz Composer “gurus” who will be inclined to create their own modifications to the appearance of our file.

In that case, we welcome your creativity! However, if you break the functionality during any of your editing escapades, simply re-download the original file from our website and try again!


Can I run contests using Flyboost?

Yes. Let your imagination run wild when promoting social-driven contests powered by Flyboost.

We’ve had success running selfie contests as well as ugly sweater contests at parties and events.

As we experiment running different types of contests using Flyboost, we’ll be sure to let you know.

As always, check out our blog for new and exciting updates from Flyboost which often showcase strategies and successful applications of the software.


How can I improve my DJ business and make more money?

There are so many ways you can get creative with Flyboost! We are dedicated to uncovering new ways to use our product to increase your DJ business, increase your value at the venues you’re working at, and set yourself up for future success by leveraging the boosts and data Flyboost is collecting to both understand and promote long-after the final song is played at an event or party.

4 Quick Tips:

1) Flyboost adds more fun to your current DJ offerings. Both users and venues love the added level of engagement by using social media in conjunction with the energy a DJ brings.

2) Know your audience. Both DJ’s and venues can benefit from knowing more about who’s in the room. Following those people who “boosted” messages and keeping in touch can help improve customer loyalty, retention, and the likelihood they’ll come back to see your set or return to the venue at some point in the future.

3) Flyboost messages go viral! Remember, every time a guest at the venue “boosts” a message it is visible to all of their friends and followers on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. A single boost can create a massive impact.

4) Command greater pay from venues or clients. Also you can use Flyboost to land new gigs.

It’s obvious that Flyboost creates massive value and we encourage you to share your tips with the Flyboost community too!