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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Flyboost currently support Serato Video software?

No. Flyboost does not currently support Serato Video software.

Flyboost is currently compatible with MixEmergency by Inklen and Resolume Avenue.

We recommend MixEmergency for most applications and Resolume for larger venues.


Can I track an unlimited amount of hashtags with Flyboost?

Yes. We offer an unlimited amount of hashtags tracked on our Multi-Platinum plan.


How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

To upgrade or downgrade your Flyboost account, please click the “Upgrade Plan” button within the Billing Information section in the user interface, located in the upper right corner.

After clicking the “Upgrade Plan” button, you will be prompted with the packages that you can select to either upgrade or downgrade your plan. In order to downgrade, your account must satisfy the hashtags tracked and live event feeds requirements necessary to initiate the plan change. Upgrading or downgrading your account will take effect after payment is processed.


Can I change or rename Groups or Events?

Yes. To initiate that change, please click the “Modify” button which is visible within the user interface to the right of the date created column.


What does the Live Feed indicator mean?

See here:

With reference to the screenshot above, this applies to the green check mark indicating a live feed is enabled.

What does this mean?

A private URL has been generated so that you can display boosts at your venue which have been collected.


Do video boosts from Instagram show up on the big screen?

Yes. They will show up on the big screen, but not as a playable video. The “paused” video view, as you would see on Instagram would be the image which would be displayed in a live setting if someone in the audience was to use the designated hashtag.


Will boosts from private users be displayed on live displays?

No. If a user is private and protects their Tweets or Instagram post, their boosts will not be collected.

They must do the following to “go public” so they can interact with the live display:

Instagram – The user must change their privacy setting in the Instagram app. This can be done by selecting “Edit Your Profile” then scrolling down and toggling OFF the “Posts are Private” option.

Twitter – Currently, a user cannot have their Tweets protected if they’d like to see their boost on the big screen. In order to change this, click on the gear icon to the right of the avatar, then select Settings. Select the account, then toggle OFF the “Protect my Tweets” option. Unfortunately, unlike Instagram, following the user from the account authenticated with Flyboost won’t work if their Tweets are protected. The only option is to un-protect Tweets.


Does Flyboost Work With VirtualDJ software?

No. Flyboost does not currently support VirtualDJ software.

Flyboost is currently compatible with MixEmergency by Inklen and Resolume if you’re looking to display our social feed as an overlay to compliment video or rich multimedia content.

Don’t let this compatibility issue stop you if you don’t feel like running MixEmergency, Resolume, or you’re not familiar with those programs and want to run a live social feed at your next party or event.

Full-Screen Web Browser Display

With this feature you no longer need to source multimedia content to engage your audience.

Our web-display is PC and Mac friendly. For tech requirements, you just need Internet and a browser.

Fire it up with this example here:

Use Google Chromecast for displaying live social feeds to any screen with an HDMI input, wirelessly.

Or you can display using and HDMI cable or mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter from your computer to connect to an external display, screen, or projector.


Can I track user names instead of hashtags?

Yes. Flyboost collects both hashtags and user name mentions (@username) on Twitter.

For every event you create you have the option of tracking either a hashtag or user name.


What do I need in order to run Flyboost?

You can run Flyboost in many different ways and for many different applications.

Requirements For Live Displays Using MixEmergency:

– Apple computer (Macbook, Mac mini, Macbook Air, iMac) with OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later

– MixEmergency

– Reliable high-speed Internet connection.

– Graphics Card with at least 256 MB (512 MB or higher strongly suggested)

– 8 GB of RAM or more

– HDMI cable or mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for external displays.

Requirements For Live Web Displays:

– Reliable high-speed Internet connection.

– Apple computer or PC.

– Chromecast of Apple TV for live web displays.

– HDMI cable or mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter for external displays.

Requirements For Management & Intelligence Features:

– Reliable high-speed Internet connection.

– Apple computer or PC.


How do I log in to my Flyboost account?

You can log in to your Flyboost account by clicking the button in the upper right corner of our website featuring a padlock icon and the phase “Customer Login” to the right of it.

Also, you can access your Flyboost account using this URL at anytime.

Feel free to save it and add it to your bookmarks!


Does Flyboost collect boosts containing my hashtag which have been posted in the past?

No. Flyboost will only collect boosts which contain the designated hashtag you’re tracking when actively tracking the hashtag, moving forward in time.

Flyboost will only collect boosts when tracking has been turned on for the designated hashtag.


Do you have setup instructions for new Flyboost users running MixEmergency to display feeds?

1. If you have not already done so under “Account Settings,” you’ll need to connect your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts to your Flyboost account.

2. Next, you’ll need to create a Group by clicking on the “+ Add New Group” button. Once inside of a Group, click on the “+ Add New Event” button to create a new Event.

3. Name your Event, enter the #Hashtag that you would like to track, and then select if you would like to track Twitter, Instagram, or both. Click on “Create Event.”

4. By default, the Event page will start “Hashtag Tracking” as soon as it is created. In order to generate the live feed overlay that will be displayed in MixEmergency, click on the green “Generate Live Feed” button, then click the green “Download Configuration File.” Once the Configuration file (XML) has downloaded, you’ll need to move it from the Downloads folder to your Desktop.

5. Next, download the Quartz Composition File (.qtz) from our website located on the Downloads & Extras Page located within the user interface, and move it to your desktop.

6. Open MixEmergency, and drag the Quartz file into the “Quartz Composition” section (drag it into the square area of the “Quartz Composition” section). Toggle the button to the left ON in order to display the Flyboost overlay on the Output Window. PLEASE NOTE – you will not see the Flyboost overlay until the Event has grabbed at least one boost! Therefore, you’ll want to make at least one boost in order to initiate the overlay.

7. Pro Tips: Do not try to drag a Quartz file into MixEmergency when there is already a Quartz file loaded. First, be sure to delete the Quartz file currently in MixEmergency by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete. Only drag the Quartz file into MixEmergency when you can see “Drop Q.C.” in the square in the Quartz Composition section. Dropping a Quartz file on top of another Quartz file already loaded in ME may cause the Flyboost overlay to not be displayed.

If you would prefer not to have the Quartz and XML files on your desktop, you may move them to another location on your computer but BOTH FILES MUST BE PLACED INTO THE SAME FOLDER! If both files are not in the same folder, Flyboost will not function.

8. Last, you probably want to display Flyboost on a big screen right? Check out this tutorial if you need help displaying both MixEmergency and Flyboost on monitors, TVs, or projectors.


Changing your account password

To change your account password please click the “Account Settings” link in the dropdown on the top right of the interface within the Flyboost user interface.

Once you are able to view your account details you may enter the new password of your choice. To enable the change, please click the “UPDATE” button below the fields.