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Do you have setup instructions for new Flyboost users running MixEmergency to display feeds?

1. If you have not already done so under “Account Settings,” you’ll need to connect your Instagram and/or Twitter accounts to your Flyboost account.

2. Next, you’ll need to create a Group by clicking on the “+ Add New Group” button. Once inside of a Group, click on the “+ Add New Event” button to create a new Event.

3. Name your Event, enter the #Hashtag that you would like to track, and then select if you would like to track Twitter, Instagram, or both. Click on “Create Event.”

4. By default, the Event page will start “Hashtag Tracking” as soon as it is created. In order to generate the live feed overlay that will be displayed in MixEmergency, click on the green “Generate Live Feed” button, then click the green “Download Configuration File.” Once the Configuration file (XML) has downloaded, you’ll need to move it from the Downloads folder to your Desktop.

5. Next, download the Quartz Composition File (.qtz) from our website located on the Downloads & Extras Page located within the user interface, and move it to your desktop.

6. Open MixEmergency, and drag the Quartz file into the “Quartz Composition” section (drag it into the square area of the “Quartz Composition” section). Toggle the button to the left ON in order to display the Flyboost overlay on the Output Window. PLEASE NOTE – you will not see the Flyboost overlay until the Event has grabbed at least one boost! Therefore, you’ll want to make at least one boost in order to initiate the overlay.

7. Pro Tips: Do not try to drag a Quartz file into MixEmergency when there is already a Quartz file loaded. First, be sure to delete the Quartz file currently in MixEmergency by right-clicking on it and selecting Delete. Only drag the Quartz file into MixEmergency when you can see “Drop Q.C.” in the square in the Quartz Composition section. Dropping a Quartz file on top of another Quartz file already loaded in ME may cause the Flyboost overlay to not be displayed.

If you would prefer not to have the Quartz and XML files on your desktop, you may move them to another location on your computer but BOTH FILES MUST BE PLACED INTO THE SAME FOLDER! If both files are not in the same folder, Flyboost will not function.

8. Last, you probably want to display Flyboost on a big screen right? Check out this tutorial if you need help displaying both MixEmergency and Flyboost on monitors, TVs, or projectors.

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