How does the Quarantine All Boosts function work? | Flyboost

How does the Quarantine All Boosts function work?

Within the user interface in the Content Filtering section we provide a checkbox where if checked the functionality exists to send all boosts to the Quarantined Boosts tab view.

Why would you consider enabling this feature?

You can have complete control of all boosts which make it to the “big screen”. Obviously, this can be helpful for filtering objectionable content but it can also be helpful to enforce a “velvet rope” where only the most fun and entertaining boosts are made visible. This can be handy if there’s a large audience and boosts are being collected at a rate which could be difficult to manage.

Why would you consider disabling this feature?

It may require monitoring throughout your set or event. It might not be time consuming to manage and some users might want to create an “anything goes” environment where people can freely boost content to get the party moving.

It’s important to note that people love seeing their boosts on the big screen as soon as possible. If you’re busy and forget to approve the boosts you may receive less boosts over the course of the event and questions from crowd such as “I posted 20 minutes ago using the hashtag, where is it?”

In a effort to consider all types of parties, venues, management styles, and crowds we’ve created this feature so it can be used at your discretion.

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