Why should I give the live social display a try? | Flyboost

Why should I give the live social display a try?

Top Reasons Why You Should Give Flyboost A Try

Flyboost is fun for all audiences and adds real value. Here’s how:

1. Create an interactive element. In bar, club, restaurant, or event settings, keeping people engaged will keep them there for a longer period of time. This should, in turn, lead them to spend more money.

2. Encourage people to post on social media, simply because they want to see themselves on TV. You will now have a database of people you can now market to and build your social following. Interested? Here are 10 more reasons why your crowd and venue will absolutely love Flyboost.

3. When someone posts using the hashtag you set, it can be seen by all of their friends and followers. Increase attendance (or awareness) of the venue or any party, promotion, or event.

4. Command higher pay for your party, promotion, or event. Entertainment Pros: Land new gigs by having Flyboost in your arsenal. It’s always a hit at weddings, dances, proms, and Sweet 16’s.

5. It’s super fun! Social media isn’t going anywhere and it’s only becoming more widely used. Tweeting and sending Instgram posts to the big screen like “magic”, is just plain fun for everyone!

We offer a FREE 7-day trial of Flyboost, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today and separate yourself from everyone else by giving your crowd something that no one else can…FLYBOOST!

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