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Dec 19, '14

Are you running Flyboost at a venue and looking for ideas to better utilize the software? There are so many different, unique ways to get your customers to interact with Flyboost including running a “Selfie Contest”.

Learn more about our experience and how you can duplicate this method below.

There are a vast range of benefits your bar, restaurant, or venue could receive from running this type of contest. The Flyboost team recently ran a selfie contest at a bar, offering a $50.00 prize to the best selfie that came through. The DJ made the announcement that from 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM the selfie contest would be live, and the selfies started flying in!

You may be wondering, how can a “selfie contest” increase your establishment’s sales and reinforce the value a DJ can bring?

The first thing to note is that when time approached 12:30 AM, the DJ extended the contest for another half hour until 1:00 AM. This decision was intentional as the goal was to have patrons stick around to see who would win the contest for as long as we could.

This kept patrons engaged and within the bar, which in turn led to more rounds of drinks, and in some cases purchasing food off the late-night bar menu. The contest also created a fun and competitive atmosphere among patrons.

Not only did everyone want to get in on the contest, but when they would see a really great, “creative” selfie, they would try to outdo the previous selfie boosts!

The biggest fun factor with running this contest: girls and guys started interacting.

For the men and women who have trouble breaking the ice at social gatherings, Flyboost provided a metaphoric ice pick that had everyone mingling. This led to Don Juan’s at the bar buying ladies more rounds of drinks, taking selfies with new groups of friends, and in-turn kept business from dispersing to another location or home for the night.

These boosts bled out to all the contest participant’s social media profiles, which:

1) Promoted the establishment, DJ, or the participant’s “lifestyle”.

2) Gives those bar goers with a limited memory a cyber recollection as to where that selfie contest happened, which leads to those patrons or their friends coming back.

3) Shows the friends and followers of the individuals taking selfies how much fun the experience at the establishment was. Social proof has become reality!

At the end of the night, our DJ followed-up on his $50.00 promise and said…

Many of the same people who participated in the selfie contest came back to the same bar again the next weekend, trying to win another $50.00 prize.

Who doesn’t like selfies? Even people who think negatively about selfies have most likely at some point posted one of themselves. Who doesn’t like the chance of winning $50.00 for doing something really easy and fun?

The selfie contest is a proven method to:

1) Get more people to interact with Flyboost, the establishment, and the DJ

2) Maintain your patrons throughout the night

3) Increase sales by increasing the length of stay and likelihood of returning guests

5) Get highly targeted and free promotion for the DJ and Establishment

With Flyboost running at your venue, you will have a massive advantage and upper-hand with respect to your competitors in any local area.

Advanced Selfie Contest Strategies Using Flyboost

Looking to take this concept to a whole new level? Writing the hashtag on the bathroom mirror at the establishment is a fantastic way to influence patrons to take selfies using the hashtag within a selfie contest or just for fun.

Patrons take “mirror selfies” in bathrooms all the time, why not capitalize on that behavior and influence the use of the hashtag when a patron posts to their social network?

This is just one example of how Flyboost can be used in a unique way to increase the amount of fun and marketing reach for DJs and establishments. Have you used this method at your gig or venue? Please share your experiences in the comments below!